Stone Cut Descriptions

Mosaic Pattern VeneerMosaic Pattern Veneer

Typically used as a decorative facing product, this irregularly shaped stone displays the seam/bed face.  This product can be used in interior and exterior settings as a cladding or facing product, from chimneys to entryways to the entire exterior building walls.  This product can also be used for a more uniform wall stone or as a heavier flagging product.

Roughly Squared/Roughly RectangularRoughly Squared/Roughly Rectangular

This product is cut to resemble squares and rectangles, but not necessarily with a perfect 90 degree corner.  The Roughly Squared/ Roughly Rectangular displays the seam/bed face of the decorative stone.  Use as an interior or exterior facing stone to create the perfect fireplace, door surround, or portico.  Also great for landscaping applications such as a paving stone, edging around your garden or driveway, or as caps on a wall.


Ashlar is cut across the grain of the stone, giving a striated/split face in a linear rectangular pattern.  Interior or exterior use decorative stone that will complement columns, entranceways or as a veneered retaining wall.  Landscape uses include edging or coping, or as feature pieces amongst flowers in your garden.

Ledge StoneLedge Stone

This extremely versatile decorative stone can be installed showing either the seam/bed face or the split face.  Ledge Stone can be used for interior or exterior applications, such as piers, veneered behind a wood stove, or for the perfect outdoor kitchen.  Due to its smaller facing size Ledge Stone is typically installed with a tight mortar joint.


Our flagging is split as an irregular pattern thin landscaping stone, displaying the natural seam/bed face of the stone.  Ideal for light foot traffic, but not intended for use with vehicular traffic.  This product is great for creating an entrance walkway, stone patio, or the perfect pool surround.

Wall StoneWall Stone

Wall Stone is produced as a blocky material with a variety of heights to match the look of a traditional dry laid wall.  This product is great for property surround walls or retaining walls.  

Small Wall StoneSmall Wall Stone

Small Wall Stone is produced as a smaller version of our Wall Stone, making it the perfect choice for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Projects.  If you are looking to do a raised flower bed or a small planter to accent your yard then this is the product that is cost effective and user friendly.

Thin Wall StoneThin Wall Stone

Our Thin Wall Stone is split to give a more linear look for DIY Projects.  The lower facing heights lends itself to this linear look so it can be used alone for a low planter wall or blended with our other Wall Stones to make a tighter fit retaining wall.


Our random boulders can be either blocky in shape or very unique.  We can select the perfect boulders to create a “boulderscape” on your next project or visit the quarries to hand select the perfect marker boulder for your property.


Our random slabs are produced as a more linear product.  Slabs can be used to create a natural staircase, as a linear retaining wall, or select the perfect slab to be used for your accent landing piece.