Granite & Quartzite Stone Types

Mohican Quartzite SandstoneMohican Quartzite

What do you think of when you think of a beach? This stunning quartzitic sandstone can transport you there with its beautiful sandy hues; tan, brown, gray, white and a touch of rose. The faces can be fairly smooth or they can be texturized by the ripples of the waves of long ago.

Weller GraniteWeller Granite

A weathered granite that can give you an elegantly aged, or a rustic appeal.  This earthy granite features an autumn color range from deep brown to light tan with base colors of blue, gray, pink and green, purple, black and white. Garnet and quartz inclusions can be found within and occasionally on the exposed faces.

Winchell Creek GraniteWinchell Creek Granite

Majestic in its appearance, Winchell Creek Granite will remind you of the splendor of a castle. With base colors of deep blue and gray it is striated with beautiful pinks, greens and purples, black and white. It is also highlighted by garnet and quartz inclusions.

Westfield GraniteWestfield Granite

This regal granite is reminiscent of the most beautiful pink sky. A warm granite that has occasional weathered faces with a base color of pink, gray, black and white, with subtle hues of blue and green. The heavily texturized faces give a depth and warmth to the granite that is unparalleled.

Algonquin GraniteAlgonquin Granite

A light granite with pastel hues that will blend perfectly with your palette. The base white/light gray color is highlighted with blues and greens, black and white, and soft pinks.